The wife of the Queen's Watchdog.
Elizabeth Middleford; Kuroshitsuji


(Ah this is pretty upsetting for me but I just dropped Lizzie;;

I feel like I’ve done all I can with her, and hopefully I did a good job with her.

I’m a little emotional writing this because she was the first person on UPM that I felt like I had a really great connection with but that can only last for so long and now I feel like my inspiration and muse has all dried up and I don’t want to sit on her account and not do anything while I know someone else who might want to RP as Lizzie could come along.

I’m still on UPM as Mami Tomoe and I’m going to try and follow everyone who I was following on this account on hers as she’s only still fairly new and I need to get into her groove now.

But thank you to everyone who I RP’d with as Elizabeth, because it was so much fun while it lasted.

And thank you Mitsuhide-mun and Sebby-mun oh and especially Meirin-mum for taking so much care of her and acting like a happy family because I appreciated that the most;;

So now Lizzie is out of here! I won’t be deactivating her because I want to keep the memories of her out there but I will be gone from her account from now on!



So I’m going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks, and I’ll be back on the 11th of July! I’ll miss you guys a ton, and I wish I could do my replies but my internet has been very slow these past two days and pages take forever to load.

And hopefully I’ll get to them once I get back! (This mainly applies for Mami though, and her replies to Homura, and Madoka and the others that are saved in her drafts!)

But I’ll see you all on the 11th, and I’ll miss you all!


Oh it seems I have followers.


Alice’s face expression darkened. ” I used to have a sister named Elizabeth ” she whispered before managing a sad smile. ” Oh don’t mind what I said. My name is Alice Liddell “.

"Oh—!!" Elizabeth felt a little uncomfortable, but she smiled anyway. She wondered what happened to her sister, but then it would be rude to ask. "I hope your sister is well. Hello Alice, it is lovely to meet you!"

Some people started following you (Lizzy, Karai, Sabrina)


“Oh my~  What an interesting collection of people I’m meeting already!  What have we here?”  He surveyed each one.  “A beautiful and elegant young lady.  A gym leader, I believe.  And… well… aren’t you interesting…?” 

Trolololol Karai.

Elizabeth looked up at the man who addressed her and smiled. The way he was dressed, and the way he spoke was fabulous to her. She gave him a polite wave, and started to walk over to where he was standing.

"Hello, and welcome to this circus!" She was brave, but the blonde had a feeling he was a nice man. "It is very dirty here, so I’m not sure if it will be to your liking."

aquaticillusionist replied to your post: (Ah be right back I’m going to go eat dinner but…
( Oh my god, I hope I live up to your expectations. ♥ )

(Don’t worry you are! And aah it’s perfect, the anime upset me a little when he wasn’t as fab as I pictured haha.)

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” I am fine, thank you for your concern ” she replied putting her hands behind her back and giving the girl a small smile. She was as cute as a button.

” You are? ”

Elizabeth smiled back, she was a tiny bit worried at first but this girl seemed very kind.

"You don’t seem confused, which I suppose it a good thing," she laughed, placing a hand on the side of her face. "My name is Elizabeth Middleford, and what is your name?"

(Ah be right back I’m going to go eat dinner but WALLACE!!!!

Wallace is my favourite from Hoenn I just am so happy that there will be fabness here and aaaah.

Okay see you all soon!)

Oh it seems I have followers.


Alice tilted her head to the side, rather curious to who these people were. Nonetheless she gave a small cautious wave.

” Hello to you both, I suppose ”

Elizabeth smiled at the new arrival, she always did have a fun time meeting others.

"Hello, are you well?"

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